I’m Jen Eckard, LMT.

I graduated from the Kripalu Center’s training in Mindful, Therapeutic Bodywork and Massage in 2006, and I have been practicing massage and energy work professionally, as well as practicing meditation, ever since.


I especially love doing bodywork with people who are sensitive, because I understand their need for patience and gentleness, as a sensitive person, myself. I love working with headaches, fibromyalgia, old injuries, tensor fascitis, trigger points, and everyday aches and pains. I have respect and sensitivity toward trauma, and the ways it can be stored in the body.

I am particularly passionate about providing a body-positive and gender-affirming massage environment to support and care for trans and genderqueer people. I am honored to provide massage and healing touch to people who might otherwise not feel safe to access it.

Clients are always welcome to simply relax in the quiet, and I also love when people feel safe enough to open up about what they’re carrying in their bodies and their lives. I am always here to listen in a space of receptivity and respect.

This is a safe space for feelings, tears, laughter, and The Truth.

My work is also informed by 12 years of practice of Vipassana and Metta meditation, on frequent retreats at Insight Meditation Society and regular participation in sits and dharma talks at Insight Meditation of Pioneer Valley. Meditation and Buddhist teachings are a big part of my personal path, and I feel they benefit my clients in the way I am able to be present and compassionate with them, and share a different perspective on what they’re going through.


I have also spent a total of 2 years in yoga and ayurveda immersion environments, between The Kripalu Center, Ananda Ashram, and an apprenticeship with Swami Shivananda. I have been mentored by Victoria Williams, MA for the past 8 years in Earth based spirituality.

I trained for 200 hours in Embodyoga with Patty Townsend at Yoga Center Amherst: This training incorporated elements of Iyengar yoga with the Body-Mind Centering practices of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.

It is truly an honor to bear witness to my clients throughout all the changes of their lives.