What is this Sacred Feminine Stuff?

dark mother scan

What am I talking about with this Sacred Feminine business?

God, please, don’t think it is a religion!

If religion speaks to you of predetermined boxes to fit yourself into, of oppressive control, of lifting one man’s word up above everyone else’s, of discrediting personal experience, then what I am talking about when I say Sacred Feminine is the opposite of that.

>What I am speaking of is my firsthand struggle to claim personal and spiritual power inside of myself, and in relationship with nature and the world, as a young woman living in a patriarchy, as someone who has been at the bottom of oppressive family and societal structures, as someone who has rarely had her voice heard and respected, and so learned not to listen to it, even in herself.

I still believe in the sacred. I believe that there is love inside of everything. I believe that this love is unified in one radiant field of intelligence that goes far beyond mind, and that it, she, he, they, LOVE us.

And as a woman, living in a patriarchy, I have found it most healing to relate to that something in the form of She, as Mother.

That is healing for me, personally, so that is why I do it.

That’s all. It’s a constantly unfolding path. Nobody tells me how to do it. Thank God.

And I certainly have no intention of telling anyone else how to do it!

What I want is to create containers of support to help you hear your own voice of truth inside yourself, to speak it out, to hear it echo back to you: YES!!!! Your voice is true!!!! We hear you. We feel you. We support you in following what it tells you. We believe you.

It’s also really important to me to acknowledge the darkness that all of this wisdom is born in. This is not a “woo-woo everying is love and light and we smile all the time” kind of nonsense. I don’t trust it, and I don’t think many other people do, either. Because we know that the truth contains much more than that. We feel a terrible pain in those environments, leaking out from the secret places where we are hurting.

The truth is that our deepest wisdom comes from our deepest wounds. And to access that wisdom, we have to dive into those dark places. Those dark places are the most holy. That is what is symbolized by the Dark Mother. This most powerful figure who holds us in the dark place, who sits with us in our suffering…who could be more loving than that? The Dark Mother calls to us to turn toward our pain and learn from it, heal it, grow through it.

That is my path, that is what I know about, and that is what I am here to share with you. So don’t be afraid to bring your full self. All of you is welcome here.

With that, you’re invited to a healing circle for women with sharing and movement, taking place in about two weeks:



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